Natural Attraction  
It’s not his or her eyes and it’s not his or her smile - it’s human pheromones at work.
Human pheromones are gender specific, naturally occurring substances that trigger specific “mating” responses. Most importantly, only a human pheromone can trigger a response in humans. Natural Attraction with patented human pheromones are real products that work, using real science that delivers on the promise of human pheromones.
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Unlike general ideas, erotic perfumes do not possess smooth, sweet or oriental smell. They contain substances inducing the attraction to a person of the opposite sex or similar sex, that actually triggers sexual drive.

Most of the animals are sexually programmed through their sense of smell and/or pheromones. In fact, the human beings behave like animals, by the way aren’t we mammals?

However if they behave like animals, their evolution and their way of life limit them into the boundaries of society. Nevertheless, it depends largely whether they are able or not!

Precisely, it is then that these erotic perfumes, truly very efficient, can really help you, thanks to their odorless attribute.
The human beings also create their own pheromones designed to draw and induce sexual desire to a person of the opposite sex. In fact each one of us possess an aphrodisiac perfume, but our civilization, our way of life, request some codes of good manners that erase our odours and pheromones. Yes, the human being abandon and disguise their own power of seduction… in the bathroom!

Thanks to the products from the « Erotic Perfumes » collection, for women and for men, that will allow you to replace or enhance your power of seduction. The perfumes, eaux de toilette, and other products of this exclusive EROX collection contain synthetic human pheromones.

The pheromones can only be efficient if they are human pheromones, in no condition of animal origin. Moreover the men pheromones are distinct from women pheromones; they are effective on the opposite sex and vice versa.

The “Natural Attraction” products are EROX Products; they are produced by Human Pheromone Sciences Laboratories, USA, and are protected by many international patents. Human Pheromone Sciences is the only enterprise to produce patented synthetic human pheromones in the world. Patent Numbers 5.278.141 and 5.272.134.


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